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13 years ago today Dr Gorab did a uni knee replacement on my left knee. It’s still going strong. I rode 300 mile of the Great Divide Mountain bike trail in Montana last summer and plan on riding another 300 in Colorado this summer. Thank you Dr. Gorhab, my knee is still amazing!

– LuAnn S

Thanks Dr Gorab. I couldn’t be happier with my hip replacement! You really are the best.

– Rick

Arthur B – Total Hip Replacement

Judith O – Total Knee Replacement

Dr Gorab IS THE BEST HIP SURGEON HANDS DOWN, I SWEAR! I WOULD STAKE MY LIFE ON THIS GUY!! He did a simultaneous bilateral (double hip replacement, at the same time, same operation) and I only spent 1 night in the hospital, at 2 weeks and one day after surgery I was signed off for physical therapy visits and at 2 weeks and 3 days I was back at work…today marks 4 weeks since surgery and I haven’t taken a Tylenol in over a week….No Pain. I am working out at the gym also now. If you need a hip or 2 replaced, SEE DR GORAB!!!

– Craig N

Dr Gorab IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! He did a simultaneous bilateral (double hip replacement all at once) operation on me and he did a SPECTACULAR JOB!! Of you need a hip or both hip replaced, GO SEE DR GORAB!! I’m serious….this guy changed my life!! Only one night in the Hospital, and at 2 weeks and one day I was done with physical therapy visits, and 2 weeks and 3 days I was back to work! It has been 4 weeks since my operation and I haven’t taken a Tylenol in over a week…VERY LITTLE PAIN IMMEDIATELY AFTER OPERATION, AND NOW….NO PAIN PERIOD. How much can I recommend this guy?… how’s this truthful statement…I WOULD STAKE MY LIFE ON THIS GUY,!! HANDS DOWN HE IS THE BEST!! I SWEAR IT!! SINCERELY

– Craig N

What luck that I have had access to this accomplished man. Thank you so much for giving me new lease on my maniacally athletic lifestyle. I will wait til healed but I see a return to full capacity as a Personal Trainer, back to hiking, riding horses, racing outrigger canoes?❤️?️

– Leslie D

In 2011, I had my TKR. Just wanted to say I am doing great! I walk 2 to 5 miles a day, and I can stay on the dance floor as long as I desire. Thank you, Dr. Gorab, so much.

– Terry F

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